Shane Skikne
Currently exploring how to provide K-12 students with high quality engineering and entrepreneurship experiences.

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Hi! I'm Shane. Currently, I am running a non-profit I co-founded called Launch Studio. Outside of that, I lead trips around the world, launch weather balloons, make ice cream, and give cookies to strangers on the street. I was born in South Africa, grew up in Boston and now spend my days all over the Bay Area.

My Work: I co-founded Launch Studio in 2016 to find ways to support Title I schools in implementing affordable, STEM programming. We've run a handful of initiatives combining different elements of coding, making, design thinking, and entrepreneurship. We've worked with over 400 students at 4 schools. Our core program engages and empowers students by connecting their work to real-world results as they start a small business and fabricate their own products. Previously, I've worked at everything from tech giants to 2 person startups. I've added my (tiny) piece to Facebook's Newsfeed and designed a curriculum to introduce children to engineering and robotics in a museum setting. My experiences are linked by a desire to dive in and understand how human beings, in all our complexity, interact with and understand technology. With that as my driving force, I'm able to approach my engineering challenges with a unique lens.

My Education: I attended Olin College of Engineering (a tiny, awesome engineering school in Boston). I graduated with a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a concentration in Human Decision Making. Olin's project-based curriculum allowed me to try a little bit of everything, as you can see in my portfolio section. I was able to take classes from Game Theory and Negotiations to Computational Robotics and Computer Architecture. During my time, I designed an app to help seniors age-in-place, built a calligraphy writing machine, and helped a rural Mississippi community design a STEM learning space.

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If any of my experiences seem relevant to you, please feel free to reach out!
I love hearing about people's projects and am always open to interesting consulting opportunities.